X-Ray Film Recycling

With extensive experience in the silver refining process and nearly unmatched capacity, Arch Metal Refining is one of the largest recyclers of X-ray film in the United States. These capabilities combined with our X-ray archive purging services have allowed us to earn contracts with 8 of the leading hospital chains in the country. We also refine X-ray film from all types of smaller facilities and do an extensive business in architectural and industrial X-rays.

HIPAA Compliant Medical X-Ray Disposal

Arch has been performing HIPAA compliant X-ray recycling and destruction services for over thirteen years and has the infrastructure and equipment to properly dispose of large amounts of sensitive X-ray films. Our medical X-ray imaging customers include both large and small hospital facilities, chiropractors, veterinarians, dentists and other medical art facilities. We can process all types of X-rays from conventional and DryView to dental and cine cardiac films.

In compliance with HIPAA regulations, we follow strict guidelines and procedures and all X-rays are destroyed within 10 days of receipt at our own secure facility. Certificates of Destruction are also available upon request and we carry both general and environmental liability insurance to protect our customers and our business.

Industrial X-Ray Material

In addition to medical X-rays, we also recycle used and virgin X-ray films from industrial sources. Our competitive pricing and extensive capabilities make us an ideal option for all types of companies.

Pick Up Service Areas

We provide on-site pick-up in 8 states but can assist in finding low-cost freight options from other areas in the U.S.

On site pick up areas include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida (Northern Counties)
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
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