Silver Recovery & Recycling Company

As one of the largest silver refineries in the nation, Arch Enterprises has the ability to extract a variety of silver items including everything from industrial byproducts to consumer silver. This experience coupled with our extensive refining capabilities allows us to provide our clients with the maximum yield from their silver scrap.

We offer many advantages to our customers including:

  • We are not a middleman or consolidator - we own and operate our facilities located here in the US.
  • We have been handling specialty metals for over 23 years and have the expertise to refine precious metals in the most efficient manner - further enhancing the return we can provide.
  • We are in compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations and have been audited by several Fortune 500 Companies.
  • We have expert metallurgists on staff experienced in handling all forms of precious metals.
  • All of our refining terms are customized based on the type of material and the quantity, so you get the best deal possible.
  • We offer efficient and honest services for all of our customers.

Arch Enterprises looks forward to serving all of your precious metal refining needs.

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