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Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our silver refining services. We also answer questions related to precious metal refining on our blog and forum. This can be a great resource to ask questions about your items or to find previous posts about the material in question. Follow the links to navigate directly to specific questions.

How do I know Arch Enterprises is a reputable company?

As a member of several professional business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Dental Laboratories, Arch Enterprises has been in business in central Missouri for over 13 years. Our customer base includes large Fortune 500 companies, hospital groups, and thousands of consumers. We don't run infomercials or use obscure weighing techniques and we don't broker your material. Instead, we use proven techniques and advanced equipment to refine gold, silver and platinum right here in our facility in the Unites States.

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What is my silver worth?

We will give you a quote of our fees on the phone or via email and if possible provide an estimate of the payment you can expect to be paid based on your silver item's description. As a starting point, visit Our Payout Schedule. However, for a more customized estimate we encourage you to contact us by calling (800) 835-0478 or Request an Estimate online.

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I am not sure if my material is actual silver instead of just plated?

As a general rule, precious metals are not magnetic. We recommend running a strong magnet over your items. If the magnet sticks, most likely your items are plated. Call us if you are still unsure and we can help you decide if you should send in for testing. We have the technology to test your materials for you.

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What do you do with my silver material?

Your material is melted down and the silver is recycled and sent back into industry uses.

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What is the benefit of mailing my silver items to you instead of just going to a pawnshop location?

Arch Enterprises pays substantially more than what a pawnshop will for the same item of jewelry, coins or other material. You can correspond with us from the safety of your own home and avoid the pawnshop clientele.

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Do I have silver to sell?

Most consumer silver people would find around their house include: jewelry, silverware, serving ware and silver coins. Other decorative items include picture frames, clocks, and jewelry boxes. Silver items such as these, can be valuable for their silver content if they are in fact sterling silver and not plated silver or some other non-precious metal.

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How to sell silver?

Silver items can be valuable for many different reasons. You must first determine the reason why your items are valuable. This will let you know where the best place will be to sell.

  • Collection Value
    Consider if your item is a well known brand, antique, or beautifully artistic. If you believe that one or more of these qualities are true, you should consider having an antique dealer provide an appraisal value. Because plated silver has no real silver value, items in good condition may still be desirable to a collector or reseller.
  • Numismatic Value
    This term refers to silver coins that have collection value. If coins are collectable and in good condition they could have numismatic value and would not fall into the category of "junk silver." If you believe that your silver coins are desirable to a collector, consider consulting a coin dealer for an appraisal. We offer more information about silver coins for refining on our website.
  • Silver Content Value
    Sterling silver items that are broken, tarnished, or undesirable to a collector or reseller, are still valuable based on its silver value. The silver can be recovered and put back into the market for reuse by precious metal refiner -- Arch Enterprises. Additionally, industrial silver byproducts and equipment can be refined and the silver content recovered.

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Should I insure my package?

We recommend insuring your packages and using the carrier of your choice, however USPS priority mail is preferred.

Click here for more shipping information.

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What if my payment doesn't arrive in 21 business days?

Just email us at and we will track it down for you immediately.

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