Our Payout Schedule

Silver Jewelry and Flatware

For 800 or 925 silver flatware we pay 70% of the fine silver content by weight. Best to send in shipments over 1 lbs.

Silver Coins

  • United States silver quarters and dimes minted 1964 and earlier: 90% of the silver value return.
  • United States silver nickels minted 1964 and earlier: 40% of the silver value return. (This is lower than quarters and dimes because nickels contain much higher amounts of copper alloy).
  • Foreign coins

Coins that have experienced significant wear often have around a 1-2 percent drop in weight. We mention this because if you simply take the weight of a freshly minted coin, it will almost always be more than one that has been in circulation for years. That is why we recommend weighing your silver coins before shipping. 

Please ship your items via USPS or other shipping service with a tracking number. Please use the tracking number to track your package after you ship it. We will email your settlement report after material is processed. Please include an email address on your packing slip form. Typical process time is from 7 to 14 business days.

Payment is mailed in 21 business days. If no email address was provided on your packing slip, your settlement report will be mailed with your payment. 

Due to the fluctuation in the market, please contact Arch at (800) 835-0478 for a customized quote on your material.

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