Industrial Silver Scrap

Chemical manufacturers, metal plating facilities, and other manufacturing companies that use silver as components in products or in their production process work with Arch Enterprises to extract and recover the silver scrap. In many instances, silver needs to be extracted from sludge or some other relatively undesirable form. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to be paying to have these materials hauled away when they actually could be getting money for them.

Arch Enterprises has full in-house refining capabilities and is skilled at refining many types of materials that contain silver and other precious metals. Because every operation has a unique set of characteristics, our service offering tends to be customized to each customer's needs. Our refinery is able to handle a variety of materials that are regularly found in industrial facilities.

We work with everything from silver plating sludge to slags from other refineries. Common materials from industrial processes that can be refined for their silver content include:


  • Industrial X-ray Film
  • Silver Sludge
  • Silver Plating Sludge
  • Slags
  • Silver Alloy Wire
  • Mining Concentrates/Ores
  • Silver Bearing Filters

Industrial silver scrap and waste materials can also be found in water filters, sludge material, sweeps, air filters, and other locations where precious metals accumulate. This buildup can take the forms of powder, flake, dust, shavings, liquid, and more.

If silver or precious metals are used in your facility's processes, find out if silver recovery is a viable option by requesting an estimate. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (800) 835-0478.

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